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In each piece we translate the true elegance and sophistication, with excellent design and high production quality.

Founded in 1990, in the municipality of Gramado, Sierra Móveis is already a world reference in the furniture and luxury goods market. Every step taken throughout its history has been designed so that all the work will result in today's success, with unity and cooperation being one of the main foundations for success.
Present in eight other countries besides Brazil, we serve demanding audiences in the most diverse cultures, bringing quality products and certified sustainability. All solid wood used in the production of furniture, doors and windows is extracted renewable, from reforestation, where each tree is immediately replaced, in a process that does not harm the environment.
Sobre a Sierra
Sobre a Sierra
Technology also plays a key role in our projects. Tools brought from the world's largest innovation centers help us deliver an even more beautiful end result.
In addition, we use the highest quality raw materials, with a wide range of finishes and coatings, ranging from natural leather to the finest fabrics.
All produced in a factory park with over 80,000 m² of built area, using the highest technologies combined with handcrafted finishes. All to ensure the design excellence and exclusivity that builds Sierra's success story.
Sobre a Sierra
Sobre a Sierra