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Architects and Decorators

Founded in 1990, in the city of Gramado, Sierra Móveis is a global reference in terms of quality and comfort in the furniture and luxury items segment, with over 5,000 pieces of furniture and decoration items. With more 80 exclusive stores in the country, Sierra contemplates all market segments with its various brands. The company exports item collections to the American continent, with exclusive stores in 8 countries, acting as a suppliers for major international corporate clients, hotels and restaurants with unique and special projects. In a manufacturing complex comprising over 80,000 m², all pieces are manufactured with 100% solid wood, extracted from sustainable reforestation areas, which is processed using the most advanced technologies, receiving a non-industrial and manual finishing - which assures the excellence and exclusiveness of our design that is the foundation of Sierra's successful history.


Aware of the global need to preserve the environment and the concept of sustainability, Sierra launches products developed from 100% solid wood, extracted from sustainable reforestation areas. Trees are cut after growing for 17 years, being immediately replaced with new trees. Their handling occurs in monitored area subdivisions, with an alternation between reforested areas and areas eligible for extraction; thus, this can be characterized as a renewable resource, causing no damage to native forests and the local ecosystem. 

Sierra Institute has social responsibility as its fundamental principle. It is an organization that aims at protecting abandoned animal from violence and abuse. Located in Gramado, in Linha Bonita, the institute is a non-profit organization with no political affiliations.
Its mission is to promote a harmonious interaction between people and animals, by means of education and awareness actions, respect towards animals and citizenship.
Its values include love of animals, promoting animal care and adoption, social and environmental responsibility, promoting care of the natural world, prevention of animal illnesses and animal birth control.